Our traditional crafts - their heritage and future

The traditional crafts are more than a hobby, they are professions based on time served learning. In this world of changing values and mass uniformity, the role of these traditional crafts has grown to encompass stylistic and cultural issues.
Our cultural identity is tied to our memory. If our memory fades, so does our identity.
Our homes, our clothes, and ultimately the everyday objects we use, are all part of our identity. As such they are a "testimony of the cultural development of man".

The HAND.WERK.HAUS has a purpose. It represents a group of craftspeople from throughout the Salzkammergut who are demonstrating how important it is to understand cultural heritage as a part of the present and the future. Rather than relying on a romanticised, backward-looking view, they are deliberately employing traditional creative skills to enrich the local domestic economy and develop a future for the traditional crafts.

HAND.WERK.HAUS Salzkammergut Association

The driving force behind the "HAND.WERK.HAUS" is an association of top craftsmen from across the Salzkammergut. They've taken a 200-year-old forester's house and skilfully combined the traditional and the modern to create a contemporary building.
The HAND.WERK.HAUS opened in May 2009, and has since become a focal meeting place for crafts of all kinds, their exhibition and presentation, and related events and sales.